Monday, June 15, 2009

This Good Day

Yesterday we had a surprise! Nana (Mom) and Pop Harding came for a visit, bringing a delicious lunch and lots of other goodies. But best of all, we had a lovely afternoon spending time together. Pop and Luke tinkered with Luke's old '63 Ford truck while Nana played with and read to her grandkids, chatted with me, did the dishes- (I don't know how she managed, but she did pretty much all of it at the same time.) Thanks to you both for everything!

I needed a lift last week end, and God had the perfect solution! It put me in mind of this song.


Anonymous said...

I Love this song...never heard it before but have heard of Fernando Ortaga, he's good! You are so sweet and You are a gift!

Anonymous said...

That anonymous comment was made by me...Mom Harding

Sara said...

Thanks! You are a blessing to us too!