Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swag Bucks

My friend from church told me about swag bucks, at it's actually for real! All you have to do to earn SB's is to search the web through their browser, and you'll steadily rack them up. You can redeem them for things like 45 swag bucks for a $5 amazon gift card, or save up tons of them for a camcorder or ipod. It's completely free! I plan on racking up as many as I can and then using them for the amazon giftcards to make a couple Christmas presents free, or at least cheaper.

There are more ways to earn swagbucks as well (the reason I am writing this ;), such as getting people to sign up under you, reading the swag bucks blog, checking the swidget for special codes that will get you one or 2 instant sb's. When people sign up under you, you get as many swag bucks as they get while searching, up until 100. They don't spam your email at all. So far I've been really satisfied, and it's often fun when they have a scavenger hunt out for codes. :) Give it a try!
If you have any questions just leave a comment on this post and I'll try and get back to you.

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Sara said...

I signed up under you, I think. I've earned 10.