Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wooden Dollhouse

My husband and I had been wanting to get or make a dollhouse for Lacey. We were given a new entertainment center, and our old one was falling apart. Jon decided to try to make a house from the old entertainment center. He made it in like 2-3 hours one Saturday afternoon! I was shocked at how quickly and efficiently he made it :) I painted it with some leftover paint from when I painted the toy room. The outside is white, and the inside walls are blue. I left the floors unpainted, so that it looks like hardwood flooring. Lacey LOVES it! I've been working on making furniture out of bits of wood. I made some beds and a kitchen counter out of an old clementine box. There's still a lot more I want to make for it, but it's an ongoing process.


Lauren said...

Well done on the project! We modified a kitchen cabinet to make a dollhouse. I added some wallpaper from scrapbooking materials. There are pictures here: http://www.sparklingadventures.com/index.php?id=659.

We haven't bought any special furniture for it. The girls generally use Lego blocks to make what they want or they hunt through our Playmobil stash.

Grace said...

Thanks! I looked at the pics of yours. It looks great! I love the wallpaper in the different rooms.