Monday, April 26, 2010

Baking Day!

My friend Kelly came over today with her 3 younger kids, brought her Kitchen-aid mixer and some other supplies, and we spent the morning baking up a storm of bread and tortillas with our aspiring little chefs. In between playing referee, nursing babies, fixing ouches, changing diapers and rushing to rescue the laundry from an impending shower, of course. And somehow we managed to squeeze lunch in there. Sandwiches on fresh bread. YEAH!

We combined effort, tools and ingredients, which increased our efficiency and production, but it was so much more than that. We leavened our friendship along with the dough. The bread that we make, and bless, and share among each other feeds our souls as well as our bodies. It is God's gift from the earth, which is made holy when shared together in the fellowship of the gift from heaven, the One whose body was broken that we might be fed.


Papa and Grandma Cox said...

Thank you so much for the delicious loaf of bread ! Maybe I can join in another time. Thanks for the farm fresh eggs also !

Sara said...

You're welcome! Next time we're thinking we'll do cookie dough, some to bake and some to freeze.