Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tea in the Beaver's Hideout

We have been enjoying reading aloud together "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis, one of our Christmas gifts from Grandma Wright. This morning we read about how Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, and three of the children: Peter, Susan and Lucy, hid from the White Witch in a secret cave. The White Witch had cast a spell over the magical land of Narnia, which Lucy discovered by entering an old wardrobe in an ancient house, making it always winter and never Christmas. When their brother, Edmund, disappeared the night before, the Beavers knew he had gone to the White Witch to betray them. She had lied to him, telling him he could be a prince and eat Turkish Delight all day long if he brought his brother and two sisters to her. But she really meant to kill them, because of a prophecy that said that when two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve sat on the four thrones at Caer Paravel, her reign would be ended. Yet she was even more afraid when she heard that Aslan, the great lion, was returning to Narnia. It was to him, the true King, that the Beavers were taking the three children, their only hope to stop the witch and save Edmund. While hiding in the cave, they heard sleigh bells and were afraid the witch had come upon them, but their fears were soon quelled when they discovered their visitor was no other than Father Christmas. His coming was proof that the witch's power was crumbling. After bestowing gifts upon them all, "he brought out (I suppose from that big bag on his back, but nobody quite saw him do it) a large tray containing five cups and saucers, a bowl of lump sugar, a jug of cream and a great big teapot, all sizzling and piping hot. Then he cried out, 'Merry Christmas! Long live the true King!' and cracked his whip, and he and the reindeer and the sledge and all were out of sight before anyone realized that they had started.........So down the steep bank they went and back to the cave, and Mr. Beaver cut some of the bread and ham into sandwiches and Mrs. Beaver poured out the tea and everyone enjoyed themselves." (from "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe")

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