Thursday, December 1, 2011

Empty Bowls

Last night the kids participated in a bowl making session for Empty Bowls, a project that brings all ages together to create clay bowls, led by a pottery instructor, which are then sold at a banquet with the proceeds going to a local ministry that feeds the hungry. I was really thankful for the opportunity, since Virginia had pottery on her "to learn" list at the beginning of the school (i.e., doing life) year. And I had really hoped to do some volunteering in our community, especially during the holidays.

First, they were given clay to press onto a mold.

Lots of busy bowl makers

Once they had a good, smooth layer of clay, they could use a variety of objects to press in different textures.

The bowl is removed from the mold and can be smoothed with water.
Everyone could make their own, unique design. Virginia added a flower to hers, another girl made alphabet shapes to stick to the bottom.

Luke kept Reuben and Seth occupied by having them pose for pictures.

The world is a stage.....

Miriam inspects the finished bowls. I think she is pointing to the one she made, and Virginia's is the one in the middle of the pan beside her with the flower sticking out. Reuben's is down at the far end.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! They look like they are really working hard.
And they are so cute!