Friday, January 6, 2012

Trip to Kid Senses Science Museum

After a rough week, having lost two of our dogs within days of each other, the kids and I decided to celebrate Epiphany (or Three Kings Day) with a getaway to Kids Senses Science Museum in Rutherfordton, NC. It is about a thirty minute drive from our place, not as far as the wise men traveled to Bethlehem, of course. And we rode in the station wagon, since camels are rather rare in these parts.

The first spectacle after paying admission is the fire truck room. There are buttons to make a siren sound and a spinning light.

Jude enjoys a cloth book in the Alphabet Trail playroom.

The silo beside the kid sized barn makes a great reading hideaway.

Jude can hold himself pretty high, and can roll over now, both ways.

Seth is holding a toy onion, which can be planted or harvested from the "garden". But of course, it's not an onion, it's a sword. And not just any sword, but the "He-man-Power-of-Grayskull!" Lately, many random objects have undergone this incredible transformation.

More of the Alphabet Trail playroom.

Metal objects defy gravity as they leap upwards from Virginia's hands while Seth turns up the magnet's power.

Three mirrors form the Kaleidoscope!

The lower level of the museum can be reached by climbing through this platform maze.

The Little Pueblito Cafe

Virginia takes orders from some fellow museum visitors.

Check out those teeth!

Reuben lifts a soapy wall around himself in the bubble room.

Miriam pulls one all the way to the top!

The little grocery store is very popular, and the kids shopped and checked out many times during our visit.

The art room has lots of supplies for creative crafters.

A model of a hot air balloon rises to the ceiling after being heated.

View of Rutherfordton's main street, still with Christmas decorations up.

Reuben reluctantly leaves the museum behind. Until next time!

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