Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow in South Carolina

I don't think I've seen this much snow at one time in all the 12 years I've lived in South Carolina. It started as ice pellets Sunday evening, then changed to thick, fluffy, cottony flakes. It soon grew dark, but we could still watch the snow fall thick and fast in the glow of the porch light. Two hours after it started, the power went out, so we all camped out in the living room near the kerosene heater, which also doubled as a cook stove. The electricity was restored late Tuesday morning, but our well pump was frozen, so we were still without water until early afternoon. Whew! I was getting tired of trying to wash dishes with melted snow! For the most part, though, we had a blast!

View of the garden with field and woods beyond.

View of the house from the driveway.

View of the creek taken from the bridge

We built this snowman in at our neighbor's house where the snow packed better.

Breakfast on the cook stove.

More Pictures.


Hannah said...

That much snow is so exciting when you don't usually get snow!

Sara said...

It was exciting. The girls started running back and forth shouting, "It's snowing!" as soon as is started.

kellyn2girls1boy said...

We had a lot of fun in the snow too! sorry you lost power for so long, but it looks like you were prepared.