Monday, April 20, 2009

The Best Milk in Town

I am very excited to have found a source of raw milk from pasture fed cows. The Milky Way Farm is located in the Lake Hartwell area, but it delivers every two weeks at the outlet mall in our town. My friend Stacy, whose family runs Old Paths Farm here in Gaffney, told me about it. She has begun selling eggs from their pasture fed hens at the delivery site. Milky Way Farm also delivers to many other places, including natural food stores and co-ops throughout South Carolina, and in a few places in Georgia and North Carolina.

After researching a lot of articles, and reading about the work of Dr. Weston Price, I became convinced of the need for raw whole milk, butter, cheese and eggs from pasture fed livestock, as well as supplementing with cod liver oil. We found out a bit late, after consuming soy milk and pasteurized dairy and watching our children's teeth begin to decay.
We tried some raw goat milk from a local farm last year, but the kids never liked the flavor and didn't drink it very much. So this discovery was an answer to prayer! For myself, I have noticed a tremendous difference in the raw milk's superior digestibility. It does not give me intestinal cramps and gas like it's pasteurized counterpart. The kids are drinking more of it, too, and it makes great smoothies with frozen bananas, ice cubes and a little raw local honey! Raw food rocks!

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Jamie said...

Oh, lucky you! I expect lots of treats next time I visit! =P ;)