Monday, April 6, 2009

Thrift Talk 3


This post I'll share some of the many ways we save money on food.

1: cook from scratch (including breads and cereal)

buy grains, beans and a few other things in bulk from a co-op.

3: plan menus (this is an amazing money saver)

4: look for sales, marked down items, shop in season at farmer's markets, etc. and stock up by canning and freezing

5: grow a simple garden, forage for wild berries and nuts

6: eat at home

eat up the leftovers

What are some other ways you save on food?


Jamie said...

Those are all good points. Some other simple tips: drink only or mostly water; portion your food - (parents take less than we can eat since we'll be finishing the kid's plates anyway, lol!)

If you're an uber-fanatic like I am you can keep a grocery price log and plan your menus to mix in the cheaper meals with the more expensive ones. Having one really nice meal per week helps avoid the beans and rice burnout. ;)

Eat more(no, not chicken)vegetables! Meat is expensive! If you or hubby are a meat and potatoes diehard, start slowly and incorporate a few veggie meals here and there and gradually add more. (Speaking from experience.)

Oh, and if your kids are in the habit of taking two bites of a banana, you can cut off the a.b.c. edge and freeze the rest in a ziploc bag, same for other fruit. (Well, I haven't tried to freeze apple; those go into pancakes or oatmeal.) Save it for banana bread or smoothies.

Now I just need to find a reuse for soggy cereal. Hmm... (YUCK!)

Jacob and Dawn said...

One way i have started saving money is by using coupons ! For example: Jacob uses excedrin when he gets migraines. Well, Excedrin is expensive so i search the web for coupons that i can use at a store that already has excedrin (for example) on sale. So for instance, just today i went to CVS and bought excedrin for $1.99 and i had already found a $2.00 off excedrin coupon so i got the excedrin for FREE:) Here is the link if anyone else wants to print them out

You can print each coupon TWICE. So you can get 4 boxes of Excedrin for FREE!

I love couponing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara said...

I'm just getting into the couponing thing. I've been searching the web for brands that I buy and found a few really good deals! Unfortunately, most coupon sites don't let you print with a linux operating system, so I have to wait until I visit someone with Microsoft and print them out there, sigh...I'll have to check out those excedrin deals, since Luke uses them for his migraines too, though he has been able to control them better lately by eating more often.

Those are great ideas, too, Jamie. (And you spelled "chikin" wrong, heh heh).